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Julien Pateau

Julien Pateau is a highly experienced expert in creative direction and large-scale event production, known for his work in blending his extensive experiences with creative processes. He is based in Miami, with coordinates at 25° North and 80° West, and he established his Lab of live experience in 2017.

Julien's specialization lies in creating immersive experiences that highlight culture and incorporate cutting-edge technologies to enhance the projects he is involved in. He has a remarkable track record of over twenty years in producing ceremonies and events for international clients such as UEFA, FIFA, CAF, MLS, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, Publicis Live, and the Paralympic Games.

His diverse portfolio of productions has taken him to more than 55 countries, and he has had the privilege of collaborating closely with world-renowned artists like David Guetta, Alicia Keys, and Imagine Dragons. Notably, Julien has produced over 250 opening ceremonies, including the FIFA World Cup 2022, 9 Champions League Finals, 3 UEFA EURO, and 3 African Cup of Nations ceremonies.

His work on the Champions League Final in 2015 and 2018 was recognized with the prestigious "Best Opening Ceremony in Sports Event" awards from BEA and EUBEA. Recently, he received two BEA Awards for his exceptional contributions to the field of event production and creative direction.

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