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Over 20 years, Lab2580 has produced ceremonies for FIFA, FIBA, ONU, Rolland Garros and more. Collaborations with stars like David Guetta, Alicia Keys or Imagine Dragons. Elevating events globally, including FIFA World Cup 2022 and 9 Champions League Finals. 

How Do We Work ?

Your Show, your sound

With a fusion of artistry and technology, Pierre creates custom music tailored to amplify the excitement, drama, and passion of each moment on the global stage. Our team of visionary composers and sound engineers collaborate closely with you to capture the essence of the competition and translate it into dynamic compositions that resonate with audiences worldwide. From anthemic stadium chants to adrenaline-pumping victory scores, Pierre elevates the spectator experience, infusing every match with unforgettable soundtracks that transcend borders and unite fans in celebration.

Providing now and everywhere

Welcome to Lab Now, your premier destination for cutting-edge textile engineering solutions tailored for sports events worldwide. From colossal flags to towering inflated trophies commanding attention, Lab Now brings imagination to life on an epic scale. Specializing in crafting giant carpets and typhos that set the stage for unforgettable moments, our team of skilled artisans and engineers combines innovation with precision to deliver stunning visuals that captivate audiences. With a commitment to quality and creativity, Lab Now transforms venues into immersive environments, enhancing the spectacle of every sporting occasion. Whether it's adorning stadiums with vibrant banners or creating larger-than-life installations, Lab Now ensures that every detail exceeds expectations, leaving a lasting impression on athletes and spectators alike.

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